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Best of buddies--the cat and the iguana

September 10, 2008 |  3:52 pm

Iguana and cat in love!

Just when you think there's no hope left for us all just getting along, up pops a photo (or two) like these.

"Two rescues from the streets of Brooklyn become best friends," explains their owner, Rina Deych (who submitted these photos to our reader photo section, Your Scene). That's Sobe with the scales, Johann with the fur.

Cat goes in for the hug

See more great photos of interspecies friendship in Your Scene's Four-Legged Friends album.  (Or even submit your own.)  Many thanks, Rina, for showing that the cold-blooded and warm-blooded can mix.

--Lindsay Barnett

Photos: "Sobe and Johann" and "Johann hugs Sobe" submitted to Your Scene by Rina Deych

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