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5-year-old girl dies after Simi Valley pit bull attack

The Associated Press reports:

A 5-year-old girl attacked by a pit bull in a family friend's backyard in Simi Valley has died, authorities said Monday.

Katya Todesco died Friday at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, three days after the dog bit her on her face and neck, said Los Angeles County coroner's investigator Ed Winter.

Katya's mother, Katia Todesco, said she and her daughter were visiting a friend who was taking care of the pit bull Tuesday.

The little girl and the friend's 13-year-old daughter were playing in the backyard when the 5-year-old bumped into the dog, then was mauled.

Her mother heard screams and came outside to find the dog latched on to her daughter. “It was a horrible attack,” Todesco said Monday. “With my own hands I was pulling the dog's jaw.”

Despite losing huge amounts of blood, the girl was revived at Simi Valley Hospital, then was moved to Children's Hospital, where she survived until Friday afternoon.

“She was an extraordinary girl,” Todesco said. “We are devastated.”

Simi Valley Police said they did not announce the attack or subsequent death until getting questions from reporters Monday because they were not pursuing criminal charges and wanted to respect the family's privacy.

The 35-pound male pit bull was being held in quarantine and was almost certain to be euthanized, Ventura County Animal Regulation Director Kathy Jenks said.

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Will the owner and dog sitter be euthanized as well?

They aren't going to press criminal charges. Thats horrible.

Geez, this blog would be a lot more interesting if it wasn't for 90% of the stories that are just pulled off the wires and recycled. Yaaaaaawn.

1990's thinking. How about some actual blogging guys. And more of the pet rescues! I'm a pet lover and that's what I log into a 'pet blog' for. Stories about zoo tigers from Associated Press are wasting my time online, save it for print, and give me a blog.


They have been banned in many cities and should be banned here.

For too long, macho owners have bred these dogs to become killers. I have known several and sooner or later they snap.

I have three dogs and have become horrified by the culture that has become enchanted with these klller dogs.


how sad

It all really depends on how you raise them

I found out a few days ago from the victim's Aunt. I was devistated. The Victims' mother and I are old friends from several years ago. The mother is the nicest person you will ever meet. It is truly a tragic event for her and her family. K.F. my prayers will be with you.

the owner of the dog that was involved in this tragic accident will be in the Ventura County court house. room 14 on may 17 2011 on other charges. Her name is Samantha Elias. She has shown no remorse for this incident


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