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Catching up with the 'Montauk Monster'

August 5, 2008 |  2:01 pm

Perhaps you've heard reports on the "Montauk Monster"? Seen the photos of a dead creature that resembles a fighting dog/raccoon/turtle/raptor? It all started last month when someone took a photo of "something" that had washed onshore in Long island’s East Hamptons. Gawker.com posted the image and the Internet went nuts. Experts were called in to comment. Was it a real creature? A hoax? Newsday updates the situation:

Fifty years from now, when the history of Montauk is recalled -- maybe over drinks at a pub -- the summer of 2008 will belong to the Montauk Monster. (Here's a link to a video.)

And while said Monster -- part pig, turtle, possum, dog, you name it and have at it -- could not be located yesterday, rest assured, the search continues for this Ditch Plains beast that can now be added to the pantheon of the mythical.

And residents are proud of it.

Many locals think it was all very "Montauk" and just another weird thing to add to the lore of what weather and ships and storms and boats can bring to shore....

It was THE story at the surf shops and at Colleoden Hotel, said Trish O'Gara. "It's pretty cool and everybody is talking about it," she said. "Every year it's something. Last year it was the weird clouds that were forming and this year they have the monster."

Despite the local pride, there still was much debate over just what the monster was.

Was the Montauk Monster a hoax along the lines of the short-lived legend of the sea serpent living in a local Montauk pond circa 2003?

Or a real, dead thingamabob?...

A local who wanted to remain anonymous (we are dealing with monsters here) and who was seen in the vicinity of Mr. John's Pancake House said she has seen the monster on people's phones. And she knows people who saw it on Ditch Plains [Beach] and other people who saw it at the person's house that they took it to.

"It's only about the size of a cat," she said, taking the monster right out of this Montauk mystery.

Can you take us to it so we can gaze upon its beaked visage, no matter that it is a stinking corpse? Maybe take a few DNA tests?

"Now it's decomposed and it's just skull and bones.

"Hopefully we don't find another one," she said.


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