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Oakland couple rescues Vick's pit bulls

Michael Vick's rescued pit bulls

An Oakland couple that has rescued hundreds of pit bulls to help reverse the dogs' criminal image has set its sights on the most villified outcasts of all: fighting pit bulls taken from disgraced football star Michael Vick, The Times' John Glionna writes.

Tim Racer, above, and Donna Reynolds, who head a rescue group called Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls (or BAD RAP), have taken in 13 of Vick's dogs, finding homes for 10 so far.

In most dog-fighting busts, the animals are euthanized. But this time, a federal judge ordered Vick to pay for the dogs to be assessed individually by experts who would look past the breed's stereotype.

"The Vick case is a milestone," said Reynolds, 46. "For once, these dogs were not destroyed, dismissed as ticking time bombs. They were seen for what they are -- as victims."

Photo: Robert Durell / Los Angeles Times

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BadRap people are amazing!
And the dogs abused by Vick,then rescued by BadRap and others, have blown those tired old myths and stereotypes out of the water.
Dogs are individuals and THAT`S the way they need to be assessed.

[quote]help reverse the dogs' criminal image[/quote]

The only criminal in this story is loser Michael Vick.
Hope he runs into some "friends" who don`t take kindly to hanging,electrocuting,beating and drowning dogs who refuse to provide the "entertainment".
It`s about time that Dog Fighters and those who attend Dog Fights pay the price,rather than the victims of the abuse!
I wonder if there are some people in high places who favor this sort of sick "amusement".
Perhaps that`s why it continues.

Let`s see more accurate stories on BadRap,other Rescues and ALL the great dogs out there.

I have sooooo much to say, but for now, I will just say "Thank you so much!" I love these dogs. They deserve better out of people.

Thank you to the benevolent humans who are helping Vick's canine victims to recover. The malevolent and savage Michael Vick should be legally compelled to donate 10 million dollars to the Humane Society of The United States. He should then be forced to fight Matt Danzig (an animal loving vegetarian) in a Ultimate Fighting competition in front of a PETA audience,

Its worth mentioned the Best Friends Society, the largest no kill shelter in the country petitioned the court to all ow them to take 22 otherwise deemed too far gone to rehab of Michael Vick's dogs and have since been rehabilitating and placing them into homes thus paving the way for org's like this, who do honorable work. You can view the dogs status on Best Friends website

I am a dog lover and I have a rescued animal, from the pound. There are sometimes social problems with rescued dogs and you must be careful to get the right fit for dog and human family. Especially if the human family has small children. Children should not be involved with testing the social ability of rescued animals.

Pitbulls are the victims of not only cruelty but misconceptions. The fact that so many can be rehabilitated speaks ot that fact. Shame on Vick and all those who use innocent creatures for them vicious entertainment.

HI, we are looking to get a puppy pitbull dog. we are hoping to get them under 8 weeks old. because we have 2 cats. we are loving careing people and will take good care of the dog. if you have any pitbull that's under 8 weeks old, please contact us. asap. thank you!

I am so very greatfull for people like these. I have two full pitbulls of my own and I have found they are the most loyal dogs I have ever owned. They are also the smartest. I used to beleive that pits were mean and can always turn on you but my now husband made me give them a shot and I have always been willing to try things once. I'm happy he made me do it because they are the greatest. They love kids more then anything the only time they have ever been mean was when i was being hurt. And all tank (my male) did was growl at the guy and got between us. He didnt use any force. So thank you very much to you two and to all who do this work! And to those who fight these animals and make them visious i hope you get caught and treated as bad as you treated them. I hope you dont get off easy like a lot of people do. You should have to fight each other to survive. I hope you suffer like you made these precious animals suffer!


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