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Did your pet feel the earthquake?


Did your cat get anxious before the ground began to shake? (The kitten above expressed distress after China's recent earthquake.) Did your dog try to hustle you to safety? Share your animal stories with other readers of L.A. Unleashed in the comments section below.

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My Yorkie was out sunning herself in the yard while the other one slept in the house. I went to sit with her and within a few minutes I felt the ground roll underneath me twice. She ran inside and I called her back out but she was too fast. I step in the house and both dogs are on top of the sofa scared stiff. I grab them both and get outside to wait it out. I moved here from North of the 49th and I haven't felt one of these suckers since the one that hit Chile back in 1973. Freaky, really freaky.

I was in the middle of licking myself this morning when I stopped and remarked to my human,"My, it smeels like earthquake weather."
Wilameana the cat, of course, totally got it wrong and said we would be hit by a Tsunami.

My dog slept through the earthquake, but he has predicted who will be Barack Obama's selection for Vice-President!

One cat was eating in the kitchen and the other was cleaning in the living room. There was nothing from them that might be construed as a prediction or warning or sixth sense about an impending earthquake. One cat ran like hell when it hit, however, and didn't come out of the closet for two hours. I wouldn't even call today earthquake-weatherish. And the birds and bees and butterflies in the yard seemed normal during my morning water. Not a peep from my goldfish either. So, no, I don't think animals sense impending earthquakes any more than we can. They are simply unpredictable, which is why being prepared is so important. Make sure you have cat food in your earthquake kit!

My dog has been really antsy the last couple of days! Snappy at the cats, which he normally is not, plastered to my side and barking at everything. When I got home from work today he was back to his normal, happy self. I guess he sensed something coming and his behavior reflected it!

Cats were skittish. Dogs were trying to make me stay home by doing some blocking. My parrots have been acting oddly for about a week. The primary earthquake predicting parrot was a very smug fella after it happened.

The D'backs are getting ready to pounce on the Padres and Dodgers after being disturbed by the Quake.

I have a one and a half year old Golden Retriever named Miles, but after the alarm he set off about 30 seconds before the quake hit, I thought about renaming him sounder. We were in the kitchen and he took off like a bolt of lightning running into the front room of our house and started barking like a wild animal. The kids yelled at him to be quiet because he doesn't normally act like that. I went to see if someone was at our gate and then the earth started shaking. He jumped down from the chair and laid flat out on his stomach until it was over.

Guess we will pay more attention next time when he goes off on a barking tangent.

My Rottweiler got up 15 minutes prior to the quake and ran to the door and started barking like crazy as if he wanted to go out. We had just returned.

He was relentless (no body at the door).

Finally the quake hit and we flew out the door and he sat right next to me with a look "I told you something was up dummy"

Let's just say 'he" has trained me now. He will run the show from now on when he wants to go out.

Charlie, aka Pangolin, expresses his sympathies for his fellow cats who went through great distress during the quake. His owner, Jorge, sends from Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil his word of solidarity for all the people of this great city of Los Angeles.

When I got to work in the morning I noticed my Beta Fish was acting fairly spastic. He was swimming fairly ferociously between the decorative plants in his tank, as well as what looked like gasping for air. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong – nevertheless a few hours later here is the earthquake. By the end of the day, and after a few after-shocks he had calmed a little.

my turtle did wouf wouf

I'm in Torrance and we just had a shake several minutes ago.

I had my window open and heard the dogs started barking.
Then came the shake.
Did the dogs sense it coming?


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