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Clone wars: Readers speak out

May 25, 2008 |  6:56 pm

Our item on the California company that plans an online auction to clone five dogs (bidding starts at $100,000) has sparked a rather spirited debate on the merits of cloning. What follows are some of the comments posted at L.A. Unleashed:

There are millions of abandoned and abused dogs in shelters that need homes. Cloning shiny "brand name" dogs is a despicable waste of time, energy and resources. Get a life. -- Tanya

My dog was found living underneath a stairwell. He's not a designer dog but is full of personality and life. A dog like him should be cloned. Frankly, I don't care how life comes to happen, it's a miracle that we can recreate it. Would anyone be willing to loan me 100k? -- Graham

It's not like your bringing back the same dog that died. It would be like a litter mate that is a lot younger than that dog. I think adoption is the more ethical choice with the over abundance of animals in shelters. Plus genetic failures are alot higher when done by means of interference. Costs will be alot higher also. People need to cope better with loss instead of trying to live in the past. Next thing you know they will be stuffing Grandma and Grandpa and posing them in the recliner and in the kitchen. -- John

I am so excited about this, I would do this in a heart beat if I could.... I would spend any amount of money to have another dog like my first show dog. He wasn't perfect, but he was my heart dog. I know all the animal rescue types are going to be whining about the shelter dogs, but no shelter dog in the world could ever replace my darling dog. -- Julia

Keep the comments coming!

-- Alice Short

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