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Wildlife society lists 12 animals most in danger of extinction

Fox News reports that the Wildlife Conservation Society has released a list of the "Rarest of the Rare," a dozen animals most in danger of extinction.

Sumatran_rhinoThe eclectic list includes birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Some are well known, such as the northern right whale and Sumatran rhino, while others are more obscure, including Abbot's booby, an ocean-going bird that only nests on Christmas Island.

Others on the list include the addax, the angel shark and the golden arrow poison frog.

--Alice Short

Photo: Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times

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i love animals a lot and i do not want them to go away forever.But that is going to happen soon.Some animals help are plnet a lot.Some clean the water we dring or we swim in and other good things.Animals are friends to some people and they love because we live them.

i love anaimlsmore than you can imagine. if they go away forever i will lose alll of my close friends

I love animals an i want to do something about this to stop animals from leaving this world forever im very sure that if science has come all this way with technlogy they can do something about this.


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