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Help for pets in foreclosures

April 16, 2008 |  4:59 pm

DogWith the surge in foreclosures resulting in more homeless pets, a national organization has created a new grant program for shelters and rescue groups. John Woestendiek, who presides over the Baltimore Sun's Mutts blog, explains:

Pets have been among the voiceless victims of the current economic downturn, with some families struggling to keep and feed pets, and others forced to leave them behind when foreclosed on, according to the Humane Society of the United States. To ease the hardships, HSUS is offering grants to animal shelters, rescue groups and animal control agencies to help establish, expand, or publicize services or programs that assist families in caring for their pets. Grants range from $500 to $2,000 per organization.

The Washington Post recently posted its own take on the housing meltdown and the abandonment of pets:

The pets brought in by their distraught owners are actually the lucky ones. More worrisome is the increasing number of animals simply set loose or left behind in empty houses by homeowners who suddenly have to move into no-pet apartments or a friend's spare room.

HSUS offers tips for helping people and their pets.

-- Alice Short

Photo: Irfan Kahn/Los Angeles Times

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