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Lindsay Barnett

Lindsay Barnett is a social media producer at The Times and the editor and lead blogger of L.A. Unleashed. While growing up in the wilds of Washington state, she was super-nerdy, training and showing dogs in obedience and junior showmanship and riding horses. She's a longtime vegan who considers herself something of an authority on the subject of dairy-free cheeses. (Some melt, some don't.) She has a deep and abiding affection for scruffy terrier mixes.

If you're so inclined, you can follow Lindsay on Twitter @LATunleashed and on Google+.

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Noticed your post on upcoming pet events. Fairplex in Pomona is hosting the West Coast Pet Expo this weekend, Nov. 14-15, featuring more than 50 rescue/shelter organizations along with the World's Ugliest Dog, auctions for The Dog Whisperer TV show, USC mascot, Traveler, Disney's Air Bud, cat agility competitions, and more. It's a great adoption/rescue opportunity and an entertaining event, too. There's a ton of info on the Fairplex.com web site. Thanks!

Hi, Lindsay,
I noticed your interest in shelter animals, and just wanted to tell you about a new book called NEW LIVES: Stories of Rescued Dogs Helping, Healing and Giving Hope. It tells of 18 dogs that were rescued from shelters and the streets, who are now performing miracles in animal therapy and as service dogs.
You might be interested in taking a peek at the above website.
Thanks a lot,

As a long time and successful Brittany breeder,and having seen Tally the last couple of years, She is ready for the big competition. She is a stunning example of breed type. I can not fault her. yes it was an upset - but by all means a GOOD one. Cudos to her handler Kellie who is a great person and her owner and breeder Catherine Fitzgerald.

Hi Lindsay,
Noticed your interest in rescue animals and thought you'd enjoy my rescued off-the-track horse, Lukas, who is now acknowledged as the world's smartest horse. He performs to benefit non-profits and recently appeared at the O.C. Pet Expo to show off his tricks to the kids. Hope you enjoy him!

Hello Ms. Barnett,
My name is Samuel Price. I am a pet collage portrait artist from San Francisco. I create unique dog portraits using hundreds of hand-cut recycled magazine squares on canvas. Each picture is custom assembled using photographs that my clients provide as a reference. The results are very unique and make a great gift for the LA who has everything dog. Please take a moment to see the the plug on the blog dog-milk to see some interesting and fun examples of my work. I would be very pleased to catch your interest for the Post. Thank you,
Samuel Price


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