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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Google -- Don't Be Annoying

  Los Angeles in 7 Days  

Last summer, I posted an item about “Los Angeles in 7 Days,” a guidebook written for the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. I was happy to discover that the book had been scanned by Google and placed online.


Los Angeles in 7 Days

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Sept. 19, 1887, Cholo

Sept. 19, 1887: A comment on the use of “cholo” in a 1910 story prompted me to look for the first occurrence in The Times. ProQuest’s search engine is imperfect – it mistakes “cholera” for “cholo” -- but this seems to be one of the earliest appearances.

Ultimate Baby Einstein? Sperm Bank Specializes in Nobel Winners

Feb. 29, 1980, TRS-80

Look! It’s a Trash 80 with 64K RAM and an 8-inch floppy drive for only $3,450 [$8,902.02 USD 2008].

Feb. 29, 1980, Sperm Bank

Feb. 29, 1980: Let’s see … a sperm bank of Nobel-winning scientists. These children should be at least 30 now.Wonder what they're up to.

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World’s First Wireless Phone?


Texting is next! 

Dec. 16, 1909, Hopi

Dec. 16, 1909:  The Times reports that disagreement over education and missionaries has been resolved on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. “The ruling faction at Oraibi is well content to be included in the progress of the white man and the hostile element was compelled to leave the pueblo. Accordingly, the outlawed ones have established a new village, which they call Bakavi, on the same mesa with the village of Hotavela [Hotevilla], a settlement founded three years ago by a similar seceding element cast out because of dissention.”

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