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In Walter (Cronkite) We Trust, March 14, 1981


   March 14, 1981, Dan Rather  

March 14, 1981: Howard Rosenberg, The Times Pulitzer Prize-winning TV critic, watches Dan Rather’s debut in taking over from Walter Cronkite on the “CBS Evening News” and he is not a happy man.

Art Seidenbaum and I overlapped at The Times, but I was a rookie and he was one of the senior writers at the paper, so I never introduced myself when I would see him in the hallway or (usually) smoking a cigarette somewhere. I regret that now because I enjoy reading him and he sounds quite approachable. The book he's reviewing, Bill Henderson's "His Son: A Child of the Fifties" may not be remembered now (it ranks 9.3 millionth at Amazon), but Art's insights are well worth reading.
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Walter Cronkite Retires -- And That's the Way It Was

March 7, 1981: Walter Cronkite Retires

March 7, 1981: "And that's the way it is. Friday, March 6, 1981. I'll be away on assignment and Dan Rather will be sitting in here for the next few years. Good night."

March 7, 1981: Walter Cronkite Retires

Walter Cronkite: Nixon Out to Destroy Press Credibility

May 19, 1971, Walter Cronkite  

Walter Cronkite, May 19, 1971: "Many of us see a clear indication on the part of this administration of a grand conspiracy to destroy the credibility of the press. No one doubts the right of anyone to seek to correct distortion, to right untruths ... but the present campaign, spearheaded by Vice President Agnew and Republican National Chairman Sen. Robert Dole goes beyond that."

Walter Cronkite -- TV's Father Figure

May 12, 1970, Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, May 12, 1970: "As news disseminators, nobody can touch us. And we have the best informed society in the world's history." He smiled wryly: "That's what worries the Establishment. No Establishment likes the people to be too well informed."

Then with a sigh, he said: "Our glaring weakness is as news gatherers. We are distinctly third-rate. without the newspaper news services, we'd die."

Walter Cronkite Interviews LBJ on Kennedy Assassination

May 3, 1970, Walter Cronkite, LBJ

May 3, 1970: Walter Cronkite interviews former President Johnson about the assassination of President Kennedy. Johnson said he was undermined by holdovers from the Kennedy administration.
May 3, 1970, Walter Cronkite, LBJ

Walter Cronkite on Nixon Era Attempt to Intimidate TV News

Nov. 26, 1969, Walter Cronkite, Spiro Agnew

Nov. 26, 1969: "It's not reaction to a charge made against us that is the question that is at stake here. It's the reaction to an implied threat to freedom of speech in this country."

--Walter Cronkite, on Vice President Spiro Agnew's criticism of TV news. During his speech, Agnew noted that radio and TV stations are federally licensed.

Walter Cronkite -- Covering Vietnam

April 28, 1966, Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, April 28, 1966: "I am annoyed though, when I see reviews of our specials on Vietnam criticizing us because, as they put it, we didn't clarify the issues. How can we clarify the issues? Washington itself hasn't, so why would we be expected to? All we can do is throw some light on the debate."

Walter Cronkite -- JFK Dead

Nov. 23, 1963, Walter Cronkite

Nov. 23, 1963: "[Walter] Cronkite's voice broke when he said that the official word had come that the president was dead. Chet Huntley's eyes brimmed. David Brinkley in Washington wore sorrow in his face. [ABC Vice President James] Hagerty held his head and signed."

Walter Cronkite on TV News

May 24, 1962, Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, May 24, 1962: "A major problem is that TV is a pictorial medium and we must find what we can to illustrate hard news," Cronkite said. "We are trying to use the remote interview technique that Ed Murrow developed in 'Small World' -- when it's called for. Do an interview filming the subject and talking to him via telephone."

Walter Cronkite -- Anchor Man

June 19, 1960

June 19, 1960: ..."A fast-moving, exciting convention -- I love it. I wish we could have it every week; this is what television is made for," Walter Cronkite.

June 19, 1960, Cronkite

Walter Cronkite on the Suicide of Rommel

March 24, 1946, Cronkite on Rommel's Suicide

By Walter Cronkite, March 24, 1946 on the death of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel: "As soon as he had taken his seat in the back one of the generals immediately handed him the cyanide capsule. He put it in his mouth in the same moment. Even before the chauffeur had started the car and put it in gear to drive away I could see that the field marshal was dying.

Walter Cronkite in a Flying Fortress Over Germany, 1943

Feb. 27, 1943, Walter Cronkite

"Bombs away." Walter Cronkite describes a bombing raid on Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Feb. 27, 1943.  

"This is a lot of fun but sometimes I think it ain't healthy," a flier says.

Feb. 27, 1943


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