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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, April 15, 1961

  April 15, 1961, Comics  

April 15, 1961: Matt Weinstock has two items on people who are crossing the country in walks for peace. One is a group that is walking from San Francisco to Moscow and the other is Miss Peace Pilgrim of Cologne, N.J., who began walking for peace in 1953.

Paul Coates writes about Al Einfrank, a truck driver who won a fortune on game shows, but is unemployed and has been exploring skid row.

"Every time you give a dime to one of those bums, you just prolong their misery. You encourage them to remain just the way they are," he tells Coates.

DEAR ABBY: My husband had not been acting like himself for about six months. I finally got it out of him. He said it all started when he gave his bookkeeper a few kisses occasionally because he couldn't afford to give her a raise. He says now she isn't satisfied with kisses, and keeps pestering him to.... 

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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, April 14, 1961

  April 14, 1961, Comics  

April 14, 1961: Like some huge, weird, robot-like monster in a dream, the steel and concrete pillars and bridges of the Santa Monica Freeway are advancing slowly westward from Figueroa Street to Venice Boulevard, laying waste all before them.

In the monster's path at the moment and soon to be swallowed is the area between 21st and 22nd Streets and Mariposa and Normandie. The streets are deserted and still. The houses have been vacated and the windows, shattered by youngsters throwing rocks, are jagged and gaping. Some bear signs, "Danger. Keep Out." Here and there are discarded household articles -- a ripped old sofa or a bathroom fixture.

An onlooker gets a bombed-out, end of the world feeling but it's only part of the changing face of Los Angeles, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO TINA: Your friends are right. When a girl accepts an ankle bracelet from a boy, and wears it on her LEFT ankle, it means they are going steady.

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Matt Weinstock, April 13, 1961

  April 13, 1961, Comics  

April 13, 1961: The Mirror publishes a tough editorial on Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. A sample: "Welch's spurious reasoning went the full circle and came back to the familiar cry -- if you are not for me you are against me." 
Matt Weinstock says: A slip of paper found in a library book had this message, unsigned and in a woman's handwriting: "You have to jiggle the handle to make the water stop. Your lunch is in the icebox. I love you."

DEAR ABBY: To get right to the point, I am pregnant. I know you get lots of letters like this, but I feel my problem is special because my boyfriend is a real fink. I mean the whole bit. He works in a library for $180 a month and his idea of a good time is to read a good book over again, listen to long-hair music or play chess.

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Matt Weinstock, April 12, 1961

  April 12, 1961, Comics  

April 12, 1961: Matt Weinstock has the long, complicated saga of brothers Arthur and Alfred, whose fingerprint records were apparently switched when they were arrested for intoxication.
DEAR ABBY: I boiled when I read the letter from the woman who signed herself "Fed Up." She was annoyed because her clergyman (Protestant) visited her in the hospital after her seventh child was born and asked her if she had ever heard of birth control.

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Matt Weinstock, April 11, 1961

  April 11, 1961, Comics  

Men are from math class,  women are from Planet Prom, evidently.

April 11, 1961: What's with the high handlebars set? Well, an elderly gent in Bermuda shorts was reaching for the sky, as seems to be fashionable, while riding his bike on San Vicente Boulevard Sunday. Motorists were laughing madly, Matt Weinstock says.
DEAR ABBY: When a man and his wife are on a motor trip together, who should ask the man at the service station for the key to the ladies' room?

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Matt Weinstock, April 10, 1961

  April 10, 1961, Comics  

April 10, 1961: Lawrence Clark Powell, head of UCLA’s library school, surveys students’ attitudes on reading and touches off an interesting exploration of their reading habits. Many say they don’t have time to read for pleasure or that they opt for magazine condensations or book reviews. Some say that J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” is “teenage stuff” and a passing fad – like existentialism.  Someone else says that college students are mostly buying paperbacks: "Kon-Tiki," "Caine Mutiny," "1984," "The Old Man and the Sea," "Anne Frank's Diary" "Giant," F. Scott Fitzgerald's books and James Hilton's "Lost Horizon." 

More on the upcoming Adolf Eichmann trial on the jump.
CONFIDENTIAL TO SALLY: A young lady should not accept gifts of intimate apparel from a young man. And the article you mention IS intimate.

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Buses Replace Red Cars to Long Beach, April 8, 1961


  April 8, 1961, Comics  


April 8. 1961: Red Cars are being replaced by buses on service between Los Angeles and Long Beach, San Pedro and Compton. Transportation conspiracy buffs please note: The Metropolitan Transit Authority is making the switch because Pacific Electric won’t grant a long-term lease on its tracks.

Most political observers were surprised at Sam Yorty's strength in Tuesday's election. They thought Mayor Poulson would be reelected easily in the primary, Matt Weinstock says.

DEAR ABBY: You will probably think I am a monster but I am a girl of 14 and I hate my parents. Especially my mother. She is so old-fashioned it's pitiful....
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Matt Weinstock, April 7, 1961

  April 7, 1961, Comics  

April 7, 1961:  A bail bondsman takes a lesson from “The Untouchables” and finds his missing client in a barber chair, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO "HAVING OUR TROUBLES": A very wise woman once told me that she owed her 35 years of happy marriage to the three or four things she left unsaid every day.
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Matt Weinstock, April 6, 1961

  April 6, 1961, Comics  

April 6, 1961: Regular passengers on the 5:15 p.m. bus that leaves the 6th and Los Angeles Street terminal for Seal Beach gave a farewell party Wednesday to Glenn Van Auker, the nice driver, who is being transferred, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO "STYLE CONSCIOUS": Yes, the skirts are shorter again this spring. But if the girls wear them any shorter, the boys will be looking longer!

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Matt Weinstock, April 5, 1961

  April 5, 1961, Comics  

April 5, 1961: Anyone who patrols the downtown beat becomes accustomed to odd sights. There are the resolute pigeon feeders and the sad characters who poke through refuse cans for hidden treasure. There are the men with a faraway look who push baby buggies filled with bottles trying to make a slow dime and the dedicated placard carriers, hoping to avert world catastrophe with a garbled, home-made message, Matt Weinstock says. 

CONFIDENTIAL TO "DESK NEAR THE WINDOW": A woman who marries a man because she "feels sorry for him" usually winds up feeling sorrier for herself.
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Matt Weinstock, April 4, 1961

  April 4, 1961, Comics  

April 4, 1961: ONLY IN L.A. -- On a recent dewy day, an ad stating "Utter-McKinley Understands" on the side of a bus had soaked through, revealing the previous ad underneath, which John Watson was delighted to observe, proclaimed that "Some Like It Hot."
DEAR ABBY: Will you print my letter as encouragement to women to remain true to their husbands even though they are strongly attracted to someone else? Our marriage lost its sparkle and just when our differences seemed insurmountable, a tall, dark, charming man walked into my life. He was everything my husband was not. Refined, exciting and talented. We seemed made for each other. Knowing that two families were involved (he was married) and our reputations were at stake....

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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, April 1, 1961

  April 1, 1961, Comics  

  April 1, 1961, Barbara Mills  

April 1, 1961: Barbara Mills, a dancer who performed as April Adams and Chondelli, dies after being found in a coma at the Coronet Motel, 5410 Hollywood Blvd. We don’t know much more about her than what appears in this obituary. Somebody thought she was worth Page 1,  though. With a picture.  

Matt Weinstock hears from surfers and ho-dads.

DEAR ABBY: My husband has been a milkman for over 30 years. All he has ever been able to talk about are the women on his route. He says he knows more about some of them than their husbands do. He's the kind of person women like to sit down with and tell their troubles to. When other milkmen have been home for hours,  my husband is still out listening to these mixed-up women. He says it is all in a day's work and I should be more understanding. I'd like your views.
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