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Jim Murray, May 10, 1961

  May 10, 1961, Alex Perez  

  May 10, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 10, 1961: Things have gotten so desperate the Yankees have taken to trading four of their players for two Angels, a ratio, which, if it holds up, will ultimately mean the whole New York franchise here and ours there. I'm not sure I want it that way, Jim Murray says.

Note: The Angels finished the 1961 season in eighth place. The Yankees won the World Series.

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Jim Murray, May 9, 1961

  May 9, 1961, Day in Sports  

  May 9, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 9, 1961: Unfortunately for the ladies -- and probably Alejandro Lavorante too -- this Latin lover will be doing his tango with the No. 3 heavyweight of the world, Zora Folley, Thursday night at the Olympic. This is a pretty drastic undertaking for a young fellow who has only had a baker's dozen fights and a few of us were questioning the wisdom of Alejandro's manager, Pinky George, in making the match. Career-wise, it would seem simpler just to drop Alejandro in front of a moving train.

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Jim Murray, May 8, 1961

  May 8, 1961, Carl Yastrzemski  

  May 8, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 8, 1961: I was rooting hard for old John  Longden on Saturday. You knew it was his last long ride around Churchill Downs. John has won races under all kinds of conditions, including three at Jamaica one day when there was a guy somewhere in the crowd who had threatened to kill him with a high-power rifle. But you knew John and Four-and-Twenty couldn't make it.

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Jim Murray, May 7, 1961

   May 7, 1961, Earl Scheib  

  May 7, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 7, 1961: Arnold Palmer is unique in golf in that his fellow pros, whose pockets he picks every time he pulls off one of his patented finishes, like him anyway. Golfers find it hard to say a good word about anybody who beats them regularly and there were lots of dry eyes when Ben Hogan finally emptied his locker. But Palmer is one of the boys, Jim Murray says.

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From the Stacks -- 'The Long Season'

  The Long Season  

I haven’t read a baseball book since my mother gave away my trading cards of the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Braves. No, I’m not quite that old. I got them from a neighbor lady who was surreptitiously cleaning out her son’s room and I imagine they are still circulating on EBay. 

On Jim Murray’s recommendation, I got a copy of Jim Brosnan’s 1960 baseball diary “The Long Season” from the library, and discovered that “Season” is as unlike the heroic sports biographies of my youth (“as told to Bob Considine”)  as a glossy travel book is to a group of airline pilots critiquing the world’s worst airports.   

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Jim Murray, May 5, 1961

  May 5, 1961, Mickey Mantle  

  May 5, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 5, 1961: The strange story of Gene Littler illustrates the elusiveness of golf. Seven years ago, this calm, compact young man was almost everybody's best bet to corner the game of golf altogether….  The top is a tough place to begin any career. Gene's game didn't exactly come apart, but he didn't make anybody forget Bobby Jones either, Jim Murray says. 

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Jim Murray, May 4, 1961

  May 4, 1961, horse show  

  May 4, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 4, 1961: Once a year, golf and Las Vegas get together -- and in the view of both, that's often enough. It costs Vegas' Desert Inn $150,000 and a swatch of headaches. It costs the golfers a sizable setback in their Vardon Trophy strokes-per-pound average.

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Jim Murray, May 3, 1961

  May 3, 1961, Day in Sports  

  May 3, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 3, 1961: The locker room interview, an integral part of baseball, is clacking along at an .800 clip and everything is upbeat, Jim Murray says.

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Jim Murray, May 2, 1961

  May 2, 1961, Day in Sports  

  May 2, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 2, 1961: It has been said this is a so-so field coming up to the Kentucky Derby this year, but it is only in retrospect that anyone can evaluate. A derby lineup is like a high school graduating class. You can't tell till years later whether they're heading for the hall of fame or the gas chamber.

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Jim Murray, May 1, 1961

  May 1, 1961, Day in Sports  

  May 1, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 1, 1961: Les Richter, middle-guard linebacker and mad red dog of the Rams, spends each football season as the Dracula of the line-of-scrimmage and each off-season as the William Jennings Bryan of sports.

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Jim Murray, April 30, 1961

  April 30, 1961, Comics  

  April 30, 1961, Jim Murray  

April 30, 1961: Down on the field, a team called the Los Angeles Angels were playing once again. It was possible to close my eyes and go back to 1944, the first time I ever saw a ballgame in Wrigley Field. To me, a ballpark is like an old song. It's fun. But it's also sad. You remember the darndest things about ballparks. Some of them have nothing to do with baseball.

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Jim Murray, April 28, 1961

  April 28, 1961, Autry, Nixon  

  April 28, 1961, Jim Murray  

April 28, 1961: Jim Murray dips into the mailbag and finds letters from Frank Capra and George Kennedy, among others. Meredith Willson wants Murray to write a baseball comedy so he can use it for a musical!
ps. The Angels lost to the Twins, 4-2.

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