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Jim Murray, May 21, 1961

  May 21, 1961, Sam Snead  

  May 20, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 21, 1961: Henry "Chip" Chafetz has put on the market a book titled "Play the Devil" -- a history of gambling in this country which sets out to prove that the urge to gamble has preserved the essential vitality of the American people and has made them willing not only to take chances on a Daily Double, but also on Alaska, the Far West, the New Frontier and anything else where the odds are as good as filling a straight, including a shot at the real moon.

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Jim Murray, May 7, 1961

   May 7, 1961, Earl Scheib  

  May 7, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 7, 1961: Arnold Palmer is unique in golf in that his fellow pros, whose pockets he picks every time he pulls off one of his patented finishes, like him anyway. Golfers find it hard to say a good word about anybody who beats them regularly and there were lots of dry eyes when Ben Hogan finally emptied his locker. But Palmer is one of the boys, Jim Murray says.

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Jim Murray, May 5, 1961

  May 5, 1961, Mickey Mantle  

  May 5, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 5, 1961: The strange story of Gene Littler illustrates the elusiveness of golf. Seven years ago, this calm, compact young man was almost everybody's best bet to corner the game of golf altogether….  The top is a tough place to begin any career. Gene's game didn't exactly come apart, but he didn't make anybody forget Bobby Jones either, Jim Murray says. 

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