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Paul Coates, March 24, 1961

  March 24, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 24, 1961: Paul Coates dips into the mailbox for items on the mayor’s race and women’s measurements.

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Paul Coates, March 22, 1961



March 22, 1961: Paul Coates publishes a personal testimonial from a woman advocating free school lunches for children. “It breaks my heart when I hear people say it's a waste of money to feed hungry kids at school," she says.

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The Mirror, March 21, 1961


  March 21, 1961, Cover  

  March 21, 1961, Comics  

March 21, 1961: I’ve been on vacation, so I hurried down to the scanner in The Times’ library today and went through this week’s copies of the Mirror. Here’s the latest from Matt Weinstock, Paul Coates and Abby.

Notice that the Mirror's front page has been resdesigned -- again. Our plucky little paper will be gone in January!

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Paul Coates, March 10, 1961


  March 10, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 10, 1961: Douglas Johnson, 60, an unemployed maintenance man, finds a sack containing $240,000 that fell from a Brink's truck on Wilshire Boulevard.

Paul Coates writes about Leonard S. Abrams' pamphlet, titled "Are You SURE You're Guilty?"

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Paul Coates, March 8, 1961

  March 8, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 8, 1961: Paul Coates has an item about the possibility that the new postmaster general, J. Edward Day, might run afoul of obscenity laws because he wrote a racy novel that could be unfit for the U.S. mail. Day joked that he wrote the novel out of boredom during World War II and sent it home to his mother to proofread!

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Paul Coates, March 7, 1961

  March 7, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 7, 1961: Paul Coates looks at the problem of a family caring (or not caring) for an ailing parent who is on welfare and a veteran's pension.

He writes: How any society but a degenerating one can mesmerize itself into believing that it's perfectly normal and moral to kick your parents out of your lives when they're no longer functioning at top efficiency, I'm not going to begin to contemplate.

But I can tell you one thing.

That the attitude, in our society, is a growing one.

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Paul Coates, March 6, 1961

  March 6, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 6, 1961: Paul Coates has the story of 8-year-old Lillian Gonzales Gossett, who lives in Tijuana because immigration officials won’t allow her to join her mother and stepfather in the U.S.

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Paul Coates, March 3, 1961


  March 3, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 3, 1961: Paul Coates dips into the mailbox for items on Clu Gulager; Zoballo “The Living Dead Man” and the folks at KMPC.  

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Paul Coates, March 2, 1961

  March 2, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 2, 1961: Paul Coates has one of his better columns today. It’s about a couple of suspects who didn’t take part in a mass escape at the County Jail – and why they didn’t.

Manhunt Widens for Love Slayer, 9 More Escapees

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Paul Coates, March 1, 1961

  March 1, 1961, Mirror Cover  

March 1, 1961: Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler becomes a vice president of Times-Mirror. 

Recent revelations by the Eisenhowers’ maid and Princess Margaret’s butler make Paul Coates wonder about his domestic help.

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Paul Coates, Feb. 27, 1961


  Feb. 27, 1961, Mirror Cover  

Feb. 27, 1961: “The Apartment” gets 10 Academy Award nominations, including best picture. The other nominees are "The Alamo," "Elmer Gantry," "Sons and Lovers" and "The Sundowners."

Paul Coates has an interview with  Herman Abrams, who became known as the most ticketed man in the U.S. with 430 citations.


Motorist Gains Dubious Victory
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Feb. 24, 1961, Paul Coates


  Feb. 24, 1961, Mirror Cover_racing  

  Feb. 24, 1961, Take Home Edition  

Feb. 24, 1961: Notice the different headlines between the two editions: "I JUST HAD TO KILL," L.A. SLAYER ADMITS and SUICIDE BARES THIRD IOWA BANK SCANDAL. All of this will change when the Mirror staff is either laid off or absorbed by The Times in January.

Irving Waldorf, 22, a disc jockey who prowled the streets with an "uncontrollable urge to kill," according to the Mirror, told police he shot Max Lisecki, 54, in the back on skid row after spending the day searching for a victim.

A reader asks Paul Coates: Would you please send me all the information you have on "ant hunting?"
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