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Found on EBay – 1909 Mayor's Race

Aug. 2, 1916, George A Smith Obituary March 12, 1909, George A. Smith


A campaign button for George A. Smith has been listed on EBay. The vendor mistakenly identifies the individual as Mayor George Alexander.

Actually, this is onetime Councilman George A. Smith, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in  1909 against Alexander.

The button is listed as Buy It Now for $7.39.

Found on EBay – Symphony Theater

  Symphony Theater, 1921  

  Symphony Theater, 1921  


Oct. 9, 1921, Never Weaken Oct. 8, 1921, Never Weaken

A photograph of what appears to be the opening of Harold Lloyd’s 1921 “Never Weaken” has been listed on EBay. The vendor erroneously says that the theater is the Mason Opera House, but The Times shows that the film premiered at the Symphony, at 6th Street and Broadway, and a few letters of the word “Symphony” are  visible  behind Lloyd’s picture.

I don’t encounter the Symphony Theater very often in the old clips. It opened Aug. 29, 1914, “on the east side of Broadway near Sixth,” The Times said.  The theater was apparently demolished in 1923.

Bidding on the photo starts at $9.99.

Found on EBay – Shriners Convention

  Shriner postcard, 1907  

1907_0505_shriner_ostrich This postcard from the 1907 Shriners’ Convention in Los Angeles has been listed on EBay. The convention generated an almost endless assortment of pins, ribbons, plates, tumblers, postcards and other ephemera. I have never seen this one before. Bidding starts at $10.

At right, the Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena welcomes the visiting Shriners.

Found on EBay – Batchelder Tile

 batchelder_tile_flowers_ebay_crop This Batchelder tile has been listed on EBay. According to the vendor, these tiles are 6 inches square and are stamped Batchelder on the back. Bidding starts at $42 or Buy It Now for $300. As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be investigated thoroughly before submitting a bid.

Batchelder tile on the Daily Mirror.

Found on EBay – Ocean Park Bathhouse

The bathhouse at Ocean Park, as shown in the Los Angeles Herald.

July 5, 1905, Ocean Park Bathhouse ocean_park_bathhouse_ebay

This card, postmarked 1907, showing the bathhouse at Ocean  Park has been listed on EBay. The bathhouse was dedicated on the Fourth of July, 1905. The bathhouse, built at a cost of $200,000 ($4,789,896.02 USD 2010), contained 531 rooms, 2,500 suits and 5,300 towels. The Los Angeles Herald said "4,000 persons can use the plunges during a period of 10 hours with comfort."

The postcard is listed as Buy It Now for $7.23.

Found on EBay – Duesenberg

duesenberg_generator_ebay Perhaps your Duesenberg Model J needs a rebuilt generator. Or perhaps you can’t afford an entire Model J but would like a piece of one. A Delco-Remy generator for a Duesenberg has been listed on EBay for $755. As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be examined thoroughly before submitting a bid.

Also on the Daily Mirror: Otis Chandler’s Duesenberg.

Found on EBay – Florentine Gardens

florentine_gardens_postcard_ebay This postcard from the Florentine Gardens in Hollywood – rather graphic for the 1940s – has been listed on EBay. These postcards turn up somewhat often, but I have never seen one that was actually mailed. I wonder why! Bidding starts at $4.99.

Found on EBay – Great White Fleet

  Great White Fleet  

A postcard showing a barbecue for sailors during the Great White Fleet’s visit in 1908 has been listed on EBay. This was a huge event in turn of the century Los Angeles, and I had fun exploring The Times’ coverage. Commemorative postcards usually feature ships, and I have seen one postcard of a boxing match, but this is a new one to me. Bidding starts at $4.95.

Found on EBay – Los Angeles Examiner

Hearst Marksmanship Trophy

A rather elaborate (OK, expensive and ugly) Citizen Marksmanship Competition lamp/trophy sponsored by the Los Angeles Examiner has been listed on EBay. Bidding on the trophy begins at $2,450.

"These charming Milwaukee girls were the first all-woman team to enroll in the citizen's rifle instruction course now being sponsored by the Wisconsin Rifle association and the Milwaukee Sentinel in conjunction with the William Randolph Hearst Citizen's Marksmanship contests,” from the Milwaukee Sentinel, Jan. 9, 1942.

Found on EBay – Bullock’s Wilshire

Bullock's Wilshire Bullock's jumper label

This Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique jumper from Bullock’s Wilshire (later Bullocks Wilshire) has been listed on EBay. Items from the store, which opened in 1929 and closed in 1993, turn up somewhat often on EBay, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of these. Nor do I have a label like this in the Daily Mirror’s small image collection. Bidding starts at $24.99.

Found on EBay – 1947 Thomas Bros. Guide


A 1947 Thomas Bros. guide has been listed on EBay. These are terrific resources (the Daily Mirror HQ has a small collection of them) showing what Los Angeles looked like before freeways. The guides also include streetcar and bus routes. This item is listed as Buy It Now for $12.99.

Found on EBay – Bullock's


  Feb. 13, 1916  

This postcard, top, of the gown room at Bullock’s, postmarked 1916, has been listed on EBay. Above, here’s some wonderful artwork from a Bullock’s ad showing what the fashionable woman was wearing in 1916. Bidding starts at $4.95.


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