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Found on EBay – Bullock’s Wilshire

Bullock's Wilshire Collegienne
Bullock's Wilshire Collegienne

This dress from the Collegienne department at Bullock’s Wilshire has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $19.99.

Found on EBay – Bullock’s


This outfit from the Collegienne department at Bullock’s in the San Fernando Valley has been listed on EBay. Of the Bullock’s items that are listed on EBay, those from the Valley store are by far the most rare. The outfit is listed as Buy It Now for $79.99.  As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid.

Found on EBay –- Oviatt’s

oviatt_army_hat_ebay  oviatt_army_hat_ebay_label
This Army cap from Oviatt’s, which was once the leading menswear shop in Los Angeles,  has been listed on EBay. The vendor notes that it has some moth damage. Bidding starts at $9.99.

Found on EBay: Oviatt's


Hat From Oviatt's on EBay
This hat from Oviatt’s has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $375 or Buy It Now at $450. As with anything on EBay, items and vendors should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid. 

Found on EBay – Oviatt’s


This robe from Oviatt’s, perhaps the leading menswear store in Los Angeles in its day, has been listed on EBay. It’s priced as Buy It Now for $795. As with anything on EBay, the item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid. For comparison, here’s another robe that was listed on EBay in March 2009.

Found on EBay: Psychedelic Neckties

Yes, people really did wear ties like this – with bell bottom pants. If you’re lucky, you’re too young to remember it.
Janis Joplin, Hollywood Bowl

What’s the best use of these ties? A quilt? Halloween? ‘60s night at the Cicada Club? Sending poor old Grandpa into a flashback about seeing Janis Joplin at the Hollywood Bowl? Bidding starts at $2.99.

Fight of the Century Revisited

June 20, 1910, Swimsuits

Women’s bathing suits are on sale for $3.45 [$78.45 USD 2009].

June 30, 1910, Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries

June 30, 1910: Jack London (yes, that Jack London) has the latest on the James Jeffries – Jack Johnson fight in Reno, coming up on the Fourth of July.  And railroad police report an increase in men riding the brake beams to see the prizefight.

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Found on EBay – Herald Examiner

Herald Examiner Jacket
Here’s an unusual fashion item: A jacket promoting the Herald Examiner (d. 1989). Bidding starts at $20.

Woman Learns to Drive in 30 Minutes!

June 26, 1910, Driver

June 26, 1910, Women Drivers

June 26, 1910, Reo

Typeface fans, this is for you.  

Vilma Stech, who learned to drive a Peerless in 30 minutes, is one of the "fair chauffeuses" in Los Angeles, The Times says. There are at least 150 women in Los Angeles who have learned to operate automobiles skillfully.

On the jump, what the well-dressed woman needs to go hunting.

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The Brave Projectionist

 June 25, 1910, Projectionist

June 25, 1910: F.A. Horton had been working for about a week as a projectionist at the Art Theater, 508 S. Broadway, when a length of nitrate film caught fire. "The film ignited with a flash and the fire raced down into the magazine and followed the ribbon along the floor of the steel-lined, asbestos-padded operating room," The Times said.

Horton grabbed the burning film and put it in a corner, then slammed the door of the steel-lined projection booth before four more reels of film caught fire. The audience filed out of the theater so calmly that not a single chair was upset. Horton was taken to the receiving hospital and treated for an injured hand, The Times said. 

On the jump, it’s Wunderhose Day! And the local Hebrew Benevolent Society has been asked to take part in a nationwide effort to help 300 Jews immigrating from Russia, but officials say they can’t help. "We do not feel that we can encourage the importation of any unskilled labor at this time. We are taking care of as many industrious Hebrews as we can find employment for, and until the industrial situation in this section improves, we must proceed carefully," A.M. Norton says. 
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Wife Spanks Husband for Being a Drunk

June 15, 1910, Fashions

June 15, 1910, Hale's

June 15, 1910: Linen suits at Hale’s, $4.95 [$112.56 USD 2009]. On the jump, The Times has another court story in dialect, this time about Olaf Swanson and his drinking problems.

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Tokyo Mob Threatens U.S. Ambassador

June 10, 1960, Times cover

June 10, 1960: The Times brings out an extra about a mob of “fanatic leftists” in Tokyo that attacked a car carrying White House Press Secretary James Hagerty and U.S. Ambassador Douglas A. MacArthur II … And an angry Richard Nixon responds to New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's criticism of leadership of the Republican Party.

On the jump: Stylish ties and the latest in cuff links and tie clips from Swank for Father’s Day … and at the movies, “Sergeant Rutledge.” Of course, if you want Luger cuff links you’ll have to check here.
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