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Paul Coates, Aug. 12, 1960

Aug. 12, 1960, Mirror

Aug. 12, 1960: Paul Coates examines the implications of a Columbia University professor’s demand to be paid for translating a letter written in Uzbeki.

Also on the jump, a column by Carter Barber on a Navy inquiry into the collision of two destroyers off Newport Beach, which killed 11 men and injured seven.
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Single Mother Attempts Suicide

June 16, 1910, Occidental

June 16, 1910: I was struck by the contrast between the photo of women graduating from Occidental and the pitiful story of a single mother with two little children who was down to her last $7 [$159.17 USD 2009] and spent most of it on a revolver and couple of bullets to kill herself. She shot herself in the head but survived because the bullet flattened itself against her skull. She tells The Times: "I will not try again to kill myself, but, oh, it's awful to have two little children and not to know how to provide for them."

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On the Frontiers of Education

June 9, 1910, Caltech

June 9, 1910: Officials dedicate Pasadena Hall, the first building constructed at Throop Polytechnic Institute.  “The new Throop is designed to become one of the great engineering schools of the United States,” The Times says. The hall, which was dedicated to "the kingdom of truth," was renamed Throop Hall and demolished after being damaged in the 1971 Sylmar quake.

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On the Frontiers of Medicine, 1910

June 6, 1910, Los Angeles Theater 
Anne Blanche in “Freckles” at the Los Angeles Theater. 

June 6, 1910: Exhibit 1 in the argument that the past was not a kinder, simpler time is Abraham Flexner’s book “Medical Education in the United States and Canada.” The Times reports on Flexner’s shocking and brutally honest study about the dismal quality of many medical schools in the United States. Please notice that in California at this time, medical students weren’t even required to have a high school diploma.  

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UCLA Marks 1969 Black Panther Killings

Jan. 18, 1969, Panther Killing

Devon McReynolds, who interned with the Daily Mirror last year, sends an update about plans to unveil a plaque at 11 a.m. on Tuesday at UCLA’s Campbell Hall in memory of Black Panther members John Huggins and Alprentice Carter, who were killed there on Jan. 17, 1969, at the conclusion of a meeting on establishing a black studies program. There’s more information about Tuesday’s ceremony on Facebook. Bob Pool wrote a story about the incident in 2008.

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Man Gets 20 Days for Hitting Physicist Edward Teller With Pie

May 24, 1980, Teller


May 24, 1980: Jerry Rubin (no, not the Chicago 7 Jerry Rubin) gets 20 days in jail for hitting Edward Teller in the face with a cream pie during a UCLA lecture.

On the jump, the Soaps column by the late Jon-Michael Reed (d. 1986) with the latest on GH and Y&R! 
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Riot by Valparaiso University Students Terrorizes Town

May 19, 1910, Van Ness Avenue Square
Prices start at $1,750 [$39,792.93 USD 2009].

Van Ness and 5th, Los Angeles, CA
Van Ness Avenue and 5th Street, in Van Ness Avenue Square, via Google maps.

May 19, 1910, Student Riot

May 19, 1910: Hundreds of students at Valparaiso University rampage through the city, brawling with citizens armed with clubs and baseball bats. The students dragged Sam Ling from his Chinese laundry and beat him, tried to free prisoners in the County Jail and fought with police. Unfortunately, The Times’ wire story doesn’t provide the reason for the melee, nor can I find any further stories. An official history of the campus is curiously silent on the matter.

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On the Frontiers of Education

I’ve been laughing about this all weekend and wanted to share it.

Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, May 2, 1960



May 2, 1960, Paul Coates

May 2, 1960: Let me cite you the case of Bertha H. Hangen, the Topanga elementary school teacher who is fighting dismissal on charges that she referred to individuals in her flock as “stupid,” “baby,” “messy looking” and, in one instance, when a child was crying, said she “would get him a crib and a baby bottle.”

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Hazing Trial Exposes Sorority's Initiation Rite

April 28, 1910, Sorority

April 28, 1910: Rituals of the Alpha Alpha high school sorority, long before the invention of pregaming and beer pong.

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USC Can't Compete With Pro Teams, President Says


April 3, 1960: The president of USC says his athletic program can't compete with the Rams and Dodgers. And in an era of declining attendance for Southern California college teams while the pros were thriving, Dr. Norman Topping said college football needed some help from the pros to survive.

"Pro football has some obligation toward building up college football. It's their only farm system," Topping told The Times' Mal Florence in the first of a series of stories on college presidents.

"The professional football teams will kill off college football through radio and TV as professional baseball has done to the minor leagues."

Topping also noted that the pros and colleges have different objectives.

"The pros are a business venture," he said. "College football is a recreation, a rallying point for students and alumni alike."

-- Keith Thursby

Voices – Jaime Escalante, 1930 - 2010



July 21, 1983: Jaime Escalante once worked as a busboy at a Pasadena coffee shop because he didn’t speak English.

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