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Remembering Robert F. Kennedy

June 6, 2011 |  9:32 am

  Robert F. Kennedy, Ambassador Hotel, June 5, 1968.  

  June 5, 1968, Kennedy Shot  

I pulled together a series of posts in 2008 for the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. Here’s an index to the Daily Mirror’s coverage:

June 1, 1968: Robert Kennedy and the 1968 presidential campaign.
June 2, 1968: Kennedy debates Eugene McCarthy.
June 3, 1968: Kennedy leads McCarthy in state poll; Arab nations are in a sober mood before the first anniversary of the Six-Day War.
June 4, 1968: Kennedy to watch election returns at Ambassador Hotel.
June 5, 1968: Kennedy shot.
June 6, 1968: Kennedy dies.

The late Times reporter Eric Malnic recalls the Kennedy assassination.
Former City News Service reporter Sandi Gibbons recalls the Kennedy assassination.
Remembering Robert F. Kennedy
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