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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  June 6, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Elisabeth Bergner: The German star, seen previously here as "Catherine the Great," displays her versatile genius in "Escape Me Never," at the Four Star, her art being hailed as more exquisite on the screen, even, than in the stage play, in which she appeared recently in New York, in a photo stamped June 16, 1935.

[Update: Please congratulate Dewey Webb, Eve Golden, Steve Stoliar, Steven Bibb, Anne Papineau, Mike Hawks, Gregory Moore, Jenny M and Mary Mallory for identifying our mystery guest!]

Here’s our mystery gal!

There’s a new photo on the jump!

  June 7, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: The peasantry still flourishes! Elisabeth Bergner continues at the Four Star in the film version of the stage play "Escape Me Never," in a photo stamped June 30, 1935. ]

And here she is for Tuesday!

  June 8, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update 3: BOSTON -- The time-honored procedure of makeup of the minstrel was reversed recently by Negro actor Canada Lee who made up in "whiteface" for his part as Daniel De Bosola in the revived Elizabethan drama "The Duchess of Malfi." Here, backstage at Boston's Shubert Theater, Canada Lee, made up in "whiteface" has his new face inspected by Elisabeth Bergner, female lead in the play, Sept. 30, 1946.] 

[Update 2: Please congratulate Dewey Webb, Lynne Levine and Lee Thom and Megan for identifying Wednesday's mystery companion and Claire Lockhart for identifying our mystery lady. ] 

[Update: Please congratulate Pamela Porter for identifying our mystery guest and her mystery companion!]

For Wednesday, our mystery guest has a mystery companion!

  June 8, 2011, Mystery Photo  

And here’s a closer look.

  June 9, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  Jan. 15, 1946, Two Mrs. Carrolls  
  Jan. 15, 1946, Two Mrs. Carrolls  

  Jan. 15, 1946, Two Mrs. Carrolls  

[Update: Elisabeth Bergner is scoring personal hit in "Two Mrs. Carrolls," now at the Biltmore Theater, in a photo published Jan. 28, 1946. ]

And for Thursday, stripes!  How about those shoulders?

  June 10, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update 2: Please congratulate Mary Mallory, Mike Hawks, Rick Scott and Dewey Webb  for identifying our mystery lady and one of her mystery companions.  Please congratulate Julie Merholz, Benito, Lynne Levin, Arye Michael Bender, Rick and Randy Skretvedt for identifying one of the mystery men. And congratulate Norma Desmond for identifying our mystery gal! ]

[Update: Elisabeth Bergner (center) receives the Drama League's Delia Austrian Medal for distinguished performance in "The Two Ms. Carrolls," presented by the show's producer Reginald Denham (right), on behalf of the league. Victor Jory, male lead of the play, looks on (left). The award was made at the annual spring luncheon of the Drama League of New York at the Hotel Pierre, New York, May 9, 1944.] 

And for Friday, our mystery gal has two mystery companions!
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Comments (52)

Elisabeth Bergner

Das ist Elisabeth Bergner?

Elisabeth Bergner?

Elisabeth Bergner

Elizabeth Bergner?

The lady is Elizabeth Bergner.

Lilian Harvey? We have nothing on Ann Ainslee.

Jany Holt.

Actually, Elisabeth Bergner, I meant to write.

Elizabeth Bergner?

Greta Nissen.

Elisabeth Bergner

Elizabeth Bergner.

Regarding White Cargo: I remember an oft quoted review from many years ago in which the critic stated that while playing Tondeleyo in White Cargo, Talullah Bankhead barged down the Nile and sank.

Sorry, I confused my stories ...a sign of old age I am sure ...It was Bankhead as Cleopatra who sank. During White Cargo the actress playing Tondeleyo said: Me Tondeleyo, me go to such and such. To which reviewer Robert Benchley shouted out: "Me Benchley, me go home".

We don't know how a shot (pardon the pun) from "Patty Hearst" got in here, but it sure looks like the Chicago Typewriter (machine gun) and hat from "Patty Hearst" starring Natasha Richardson, whom I adored as an actress. Happened to peruse VaVaVoom Traci Lords' book "Underneth It All" where she talks about making a movie with the real, not reel, Patty Hearst. They got along fine. "I didn't ask her about robbing banks and she didn't ask me about making porno films," she said. Walter Cronkhite's daughter Kathy played Hearst in another flick, as I recall.

Marlene Dietrich

Marlena Dietrich as played by Bernadette Peters in an imaginary casting? (Probably not)

Olga Baclanova?

Geraldine Page.

She looks like a European actress imported to Hollywood, like Anna Sten or Franciska Gaal, but I don't think she's either one....

Marlena Dietrich

My friend John Aldrich in Phoenix says it's definitely Greta Nissen.

Don't know who guy is but looks amazingly like Godfrey Cambridge in Watermelon Man

Dewey's on point; the gentleman in the photo is definitely in "whiteface" (see his hand that is visible in the wider shot).

I still have no clue, but this adds a deeper element of mystery!




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