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Voices: Jackie Cooper, 1922 - 2011

  Jackie Cooper, June 14, 1931  

  June 14, 1931, Jackie Cooper  

June 14, 1931: "Naw, I ain't gonna be no actor when I grow up," Jackie Cooper tells The Times. "Ya know, last season I thought I'd like to be a football player, but baseball players are pretty swell."

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Comments (2)

He may not have been the greatest actor, but Jackie Cooper looked to me like a decent, decent man. There are plenty of great actors and actresses out there, or have been, but few of them were decent. Jackie Cooper looked to me to be a decent man.

Another piece of our world passes on.

May he rest in peace.

Had some minor dealings with Mr. Cooper when he headed the DGA. A very decent, rather soft-spoken man. Jackie Cooper is one of a handful of professionals left who spanned film from the silent era to the digital age. And he did it with a certain grace and honesty. I think his was a well lived life.


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