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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  May 28, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This is Lisa Eilbacher in a photo published Nov. 24, 1977. Please congratulate JM Green, Cold in Phoenix, Barbara, Mary Mallory and Candy C for identifying her. ] 

Here’s our weekend mystery gal!

There’s a new photo on the jump!

  May 29, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Lisa Eilbacher stars as Patty Hearst in this re-creation of the famous "Tania" photograph in front of the Symbionese Liberation Army symbol in "The Patty Hearst Story," a special three-hour drama on the ABC Television Network's "The ABC Sunday Night Movie," March 4, 1979. ] Apparently “The Patty Hearst Story” aired as “The Ordeal of Patty Hearst.”

Here’s another photo of our mystery gal!

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Comments (17)

Stephanie Beacham

Dinah Manoff.

Taffy Paul/Stephanie Powers

Noreen Corcoran.

Emma Sams?

lisa eilbacher

candy clark?

Looks like Lisa Eilbacher to me.

Lisa Eilbacher

Charlotte Rampling?


I was pretty sure from the first picture it was one of the daughters from "Petticoat Junction." But the Patty Hearst character looks nothing like any of them.

patty hearst

Natasha Richardson in the movie Patty Hearst with Ving Rhames.

Natasha Richardson!

Judith-Marie Bergan in "Abduction"?

Lisa Eilbacher


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