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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  May 17, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

March 4, 1981, Brenda Benet [Update 2: This is Brenda Benet and it was particularly sad to be scanning photos of her on Mother’s Day, considering her story. At right, the March 4,  1981, account of her son’s death while undergoing emergency surgery. Benet committed suicide a month after the first anniversary of her son’s death.

[Above, Brenda Benet is a guest on "Wendy and Me" episode, in a photo published Dec. 7, 1964. ]

[Update: Please congratulate Zabadu, Jenny M, Rogét-L.A., Carmen and Barbara for identifying our mystery guest!  ]

Here’s our mystery gal!
There’s a new photo on the jump!

  April 15, 1982, Brenda Benet  

  April 15, 1982, Brenda Benet  

  May 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update 2: Brenda Benet portrays bar girl in "Walking Tall," now at UA Cinema Center, Jan. 25, 1974. ]

[Update: Please congratulate Periwinkle, Karen, Eve, Mike Hawks and LC for identifying our mystery lady!] 

  May 19, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update 2: Bill Bixby and Brenda Benet in a publicity photo for  NBC-TV's "Search," in a print marked Oct. 27, 1972.]

[Update: Please congratulate Jenny M, Pamela Porter, Mary Mallory, Agatha Grafton, Julie Merholz, Anne Papineau, Steve Stoliar, Glen Frank, Rick, Elsie, Mike Hawks, Carol Gwenn, Patricia van Hartesveldt, Cold in Phoenix, Benito, Richard Wegescheide, Mark Heimback-Nielsen, Craig Deco, Lee Rivas, Thom Lee and Megan, Sue, Stacia and Cinnamon Carter for identifying our mystery couple.]

Here’s our mystery woman with a (totally not) mystery companion.

  May 20, 1961, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Brenda Benet ... a yoga disciple, in a photo published Jan. 1, 1973.  CandyC says she identified our mystery woman on Monday but didn't get credit. For some reason, her answer got lost in cyberspace. Bob Levinson, Randy Skretvedt, William, Herb Nichols and Gary Martin identified our mystery woman. ]

And here’s another photo for Friday. And yes, this mystery guest has is a sad story.
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Comments (55)

Brenda Benet and Bill Bixby

Brenda Benet?

Gosh, what a sad life story she had.

Brenda Benet

Brenda Bennett.

Brenda Benet and Bill Bixby

Barbara Benet

Brenda Benet

Brenda is with hubby Bill Bixby.

Brenda Benet?

Thanks for the gigantic clue! Brenda Benet and Bill Bixby.

Brenda Benet with Bill Bixby.

ooh what a giveaway! Brenda Benet

Bill Bixby gave it away, I think! how about Brenda Benet?

It's Brenda Benet, Bill Bixby's first wife.

Bill Bixby and Brenda Benet

Brenda Benet with ex-hubby Bill Bixby.

Ooops!! I meant "Bill" Bixby.

It's Brenda Benet, Bill Bixby's First wife.

Brenda Benet

Brenda Benet.

Brenda Benet

Brenda Benet

Brenda Benet. Yikes, at 35 she was in a relationship with 19-year-old Tammy Bruce. What a hectic private life she had. Bill Bixby's wasn't exactly placid, either, but not nearly as chaotic as Ms. Benet's.

If memory serves, Miss Benet did indeed have a sad history. I seem to recall that she & Bill Bixby had a son who died very young, and that Benet ended up a suicide somtime in the early or mid 1980s. Bill Bixby, too, died at a fairly early age. There must be some sort of object lesson there, no?



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