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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, May 1, 1941

  May 1, 1941, Lefty O'Doul  

  May 1, 1941, Comics  

May 1, 1941: Alan Le May fills in for Lee Shippey, who is recovering from surgery.

S.S. Santa Rosa -- Like your appendix, this cruise is just a vestige of time gone by. As we slide through the soft Caribbean, looking through the open roof of the dining room to the glitter of the Southern Cross, we're living in a half-forgotten glory that war has already destroyed. We're living in the just finished past. These careless, happy-go-lucky voyages seem almost certain to come to an end. They won't belong on seas maybe crawling with submarines.

I'm tipped (and I believe) the George-Raft - Edward G. Robinson feud stories are a publicity stunt leading to their fight scene in "Man Power," Jimmie Fidler says.

  May 1, 1941, Lee Shippey  

  May 1, 1941, Tom Treanor  

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