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Found on EBay – Oviatt’s

oviatt_ebay_suitcase This unusual – and maybe a bit odd – suitcase from Oviatt & Alexander has been listed on EBay. It’s an alligator suitcase with what appear to be little pouches for jewelry on the lid.  Although Oviatt’s has been gone for years, it was considered the leading Los Angeles menswear store and items are highly collectible.  As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be investigated thoroughly before submitting a bid. Bidding on this suitcase starts at $125.
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I think the "pouches" on the lid are natural creases/markings from the alligator. Once upon a time, I remember seeing an alligator purse on eBay that incorporated the *feet* of the gator. It was alternately compelling and repulsive...kinda like the old stone marten fur pieces.



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