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Found on EBay – Duesenberg

duesenberg_generator_ebay Perhaps your Duesenberg Model J needs a rebuilt generator. Or perhaps you can’t afford an entire Model J but would like a piece of one. A Delco-Remy generator for a Duesenberg has been listed on EBay for $755. As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be examined thoroughly before submitting a bid.

Also on the Daily Mirror: Otis Chandler’s Duesenberg.
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It's a Doozie. However, back when I was an ink-stained wretch I interviewed a guy who had three Dusenbergs. I asked him where he got parts and he said "off the shelf." This was around 1972 and you could go to a store and buy new Dusie parts so perhaps this might not be a 30's part but something newer? Just asking. I saving up to buy my first Dusie. They say the first one's the hardest to afford. By the time I get the dough hybrtids will be ancient classic cars.


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