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San Francisco Clinic Cures 'Bad Girls'

April 27, 2011 |  1:08 pm

  April 10, 1949, Bad Girls  

April 10, 1949: A San Francisco "promiscuity clinic" is working to treat "bad girls." No, really! After citing some terrifying statistics (68% of U.S. brides are not virgins!) Howard Whitman profiles the Psychiatric Service of the San Francisco City Clinic, which has "treated some 2,000 cases of promiscuity."

And while it has helped "many a young girl back to wholesome living," the clinic has made some amazing discoveries, including: "These girls don't enjoy sex." Got that, bad girls?



April 10, 1949, Bad Girls 1949_0410_ bad_girls02

April 10, 1949, Bad Girls

April 10, 1949, Bad Girls

Tip: Avoid overstrictness. It makes a girl feel her parents have no faith in her. It creates resentment and stirs a desire to rebel.