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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, April 1, 1961

April 1, 2011 |  1:49 pm

  April 1, 1961, Comics  

  April 1, 1961, Barbara Mills  

April 1, 1961: Barbara Mills, a dancer who performed as April Adams and Chondelli, dies after being found in a coma at the Coronet Motel, 5410 Hollywood Blvd. We don’t know much more about her than what appears in this obituary. Somebody thought she was worth Page 1,  though. With a picture.  

Matt Weinstock hears from surfers and ho-dads.

DEAR ABBY: My husband has been a milkman for over 30 years. All he has ever been able to talk about are the women on his route. He says he knows more about some of them than their husbands do. He's the kind of person women like to sit down with and tell their troubles to. When other milkmen have been home for hours,  my husband is still out listening to these mixed-up women. He says it is all in a day's work and I should be more understanding. I'd like your views.

  April 1, 1961, Mirror Cover  

  April 1, 1961, Weinstock  

  April 1, 1961, Coates/Abby