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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  April 18, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Aug. 23, 1959 -- Franchot Tone is seen as gentle father torn between vastly different sons, Cameron Mitchell, left, policeman, and Dennis Hopper, tough guy, in drama on "Reckoning" series.]

It’s vacation, so these will be easy!

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Comments (15)

Dennis Hopper on the right.

Cameron Mitchell, Franchot Tone, and Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper, on right

Guy in middle looks like Franchot Tone

Dennis Hopper on the right!

Franchot Tone in the middle!

yup, Dennis Hopper on the right. The other 2 gents look like cops in Rebel Without A Cause. Or, 2 of the directors irritated by Dennis during his early film career.

From left to right, Cameron Mitchell, Franchot Tone and Dennis Hopper.

Franchot Tone and Dennis Hopper


Yes, Cameron Mitchell, Franchot Tone, and Dennis H...TV Series 1958 Pursuit. Next picture, please.

We think Jenny M is right on the money.

Looks like Jack Webb, Franchot Tone, and Dennis Hopper, all in their younger years ??

Cameron Mitchell, Franchot Tone and Dennis Hopper
tv series Pursuit
episode The Last Night of August (1958)
Franchot is suggesting they go get a drink.

very good claire, but you neglected to tell us what cologne franchot is wearing.


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