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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  April 24, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: June 11, 1936 -- Franchot Tone and Robert Greig in a comedy sequence in MGM's "The Unguarded Hour," directed by Sam Wood. Loretta Young plays the heroine in the Lawrence Weingarten production.]

Our mystery fellow has a mystery companion!

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Comments (9)

Franchot Tone (left), Eric Blore (right)

Wow, Sunday's photo sure beats the pants off of me. Molly says I should keep my shirt on. The two actors look like they are having one of their little spats.

Franchot tone and Robert Greig in THE UNGUARDED HOUR.

Franchot Tone & Robert Greig

Franchot with the butler from Sullivan's Travels.

Franchot Tone & Eric Blore. Blore was great in Sullivan's Travels . "It (poverty) is to be stayed away from, even for purposes of study. It is to be shunned."

Franchot Tone (left) and Robert Greig (right) possibly in "Midnight Mary"?

Franchot Tone and Robert Grieg. Eric Blore was shorter and his lower lip would be out twice as far!

I love old movies, watch nearly nothing other than TCM but you always stump me! I was so pleased to think I finally knew one and then read you were making it easy for the holiday!!!

Franchot Tone I knew. I had to look up Robert Greig's name. He was one of the great butlers, but I think Eric Blore was probably my favorite.


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