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Matt Weinstock, April 13, 1961

  April 13, 1961, Comics  

April 13, 1961: The Mirror publishes a tough editorial on Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. A sample: "Welch's spurious reasoning went the full circle and came back to the familiar cry -- if you are not for me you are against me." 
Matt Weinstock says: A slip of paper found in a library book had this message, unsigned and in a woman's handwriting: "You have to jiggle the handle to make the water stop. Your lunch is in the icebox. I love you."

DEAR ABBY: To get right to the point, I am pregnant. I know you get lots of letters like this, but I feel my problem is special because my boyfriend is a real fink. I mean the whole bit. He works in a library for $180 a month and his idea of a good time is to read a good book over again, listen to long-hair music or play chess.

  April 13, 1961, John Birch Society  

  April 13, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  April 13, 1961, Abby  

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