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Kennedy Kills Project to Build Atomic Airplane


  April 1, 1961, Comics  

April 1, 1961: You may not recall the idea of nuclear-powered aircraft, but there was once such an idea.  General Electric, one of the companies involved in the experiment, "challenged President Kennedy's statements that achievement of militarily useful nuclear flight is remote and that it would cost at least $1 billion more to achieve experimental flight."

And Eric Johnston, head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, says there is no industry-wide blacklist against communists, although individual studios might refuse to hire anyone suspect of being a Red.


Nuclear-powered aircraft on the Daily Mirror

  April 1, 1961, Blacklist  

  April 1, 1961, Blacklist  

  April 1, 1961, Nuclear Plane  

  April 1, 1961, Nuclear Plane  

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