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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, April 3, 1941

  April 3, 1941, Ford Demands Roosevelt Halt CIO Reign of Terror  

  April 3, 1941, Comics  

April 3, 1941: Tom Treanor, who died covering World War II for The Times, writes about Leland Stowe, a reporter for the Chicago Daily News who was visiting Los Angeles. Stowe and Treanor had crossed paths several times in Europe, the last being the time Stowe hitched a ride with a Christian Science Monitor reporter who had a peculiar obsession with owls.  

RKO reports that "Citizen Kane," Hollywood's most controversial film, will be released. THIS MEANS that Orson Welles, who holds a steel-bound contract for a percentage of profits and who threatened a terrific damage suit if the film was shelved, has won his battle and is enthroned as the industry's No. 1 "No" man, Jimmie Fidler says.

  April 3, 1941, Lee Shippey  

  April 3, 1941, Tom Treanor  

  April 3, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  
  April 3, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

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