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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Jimmie Fidler, April 7, 1941

  April 7, 1941, Greeks Stop German Army  

  April 7, 1941, Comics  

April 7, 1941: Reporter Leland Stowe certainly drew attention on his sweep through Los Angeles. Lee Shippey has another column about him!

Tom Treanor, who was killed covering World War II for The Times, says: A little gruffly, without exactly tipping their hats, the men in the manufacturing end of the aircraft industry are welcoming women workers.

At one factory I visited last week the first women's department had begun operation the day before and at another plant tests were being run off to determine where women can be fitted in speedily.

Consensus of opinion is that women will do the best at work which requires nimble fingers. The factory which installed them last week is using them for assembly of electric hookups.

 MALIBU BEACH AT A GLANCE: Uniformed guards wearing guns and who-the-hell-are-you stares, Jimmie Fidler says.

  April 7, 1941, Lee Shippey  

  April 7, 1941, Tom Treanor  


April 7, 1941, Jimmie Fidler


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