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Found on EBay -- 'Headline Happy'

April 4, 2011 |  4:59 pm
Florabel Muir
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

A somewhat distressed copy of “Headline Happy” by Florabel Muir  has been listed on EBay. You may recall that Muir, above, has a terrific description of the Busgy Siegel crime scene and, yes, she’s the reporter who got hit in the rear during the attempted killing of Mickey Cohen at Sherry’s in 1949. Trivia note: The Times’ only mention of Muir being shot is in a Hedda Hopper column that says Muir was sporting an “Italian sunset.”

Judging by the vendor’s description, this copy is not in pristine shape, but it’s difficult to find “Headline Happy” for less than $50 and the price (bidding starts at 50 cents) makes it sound interesting for those who are looking for a reading copy. 


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