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Daily Mirror Readers --- The 'Brain Trust'

  Los Angeles Times file photos  

  Mabel Todd  

  The back of yesterday’s photo. Notice that
there’s no publication date. Very annoying!

Here’s why I call the Daily Mirror’s readers “the brain trust.” You may recall the lady on the left as yesterday’s mystery gal. Mike Hawks had identified the latest mystery guest as Mabel Todd, but when I posted yesterday’s picture he said: “That’s XXXXX! What gives?” Mary Mallory was the next to ask the same question.

Mary and I exchanged a couple of emails and she faxed me a copy of a photo with the correct identity of yesterday’s mystery woman. (In case you’re wondering how she has access to so many pictures, Mary is a photo librarian at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.)

I went downstairs, checked our photos and found another picture from the same incident, correctly identified as XXXXX (once again not dated, however!).

Which means our reigning mystery guest is the lady on the right.

Thanks Mike and Mary!


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I'm pretty sure that's Dorothy Mackaill.

Marilyn Miller


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