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What's Troubling Today's Young Women, Part 3

March 28, 2011 |  2:05 am

  March 28, 1961  


March 28, 1961: A group of young women asked USC sociology professor James A. Peterson to have lunch with them while he was lecturing on a local campus.

"We are all graduating at the end of this semester and none of us is engaged or even pinned,” they said. “We know we will never get married now and we want your advice to help us adjust to a life of being single."

At first, he thought they were kidding, but "they were dead serious,” he said.

Emphasizing the confusion facing young women, Peterson said: "Are they supposed to be career women, competing with men, clawing their way to the top in business? Or are they just supposed to be available when needed?"


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  March 28, 1961, Women  

  March 28, 1961, Women