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Upton Sinclair House for Sale

  Sept. 16, 1923, Upton Sinclair House  

  Upton Sinclair House  

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Farnum, Century 21



The Upton Sinclair House at 464 N. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia has been listed for sale at $1.5 million. The 1923 home was designed by Frederick H. Wallis for L.B. Vollmer (d. 1948), owner of the ‘Leven Oaks Hotel, 120 S. Myrtle Ave., in Monrovia. Vollmer had promised in 1911 to build the hotel if people bought lots in his subdivision.

Sinclair (d. 1968) bought the home in 1942 and was living there when he won the Pulitzer Prize for a novel in 1943 with “Dragon’s Teeth,” the third book in his Lanny Budd series. The Times clips shows that he moved out at various times for undisclosed “desert hideaways” but he apparently returned each time.
A year before he died, Sinclair left Monrovia for New Jersey to be closer to his son David, The Times said.

  Sept. 16, 1923, Upton Sinclair House  

  Aug. 26, 1956, Upton Sinclair  

  Aug. 26, 1956, Upton Sinclair  

  Aug. 26, 1956, Upton Sinclair  

  Nov. 26, 1968, Upton Sinclair  

   Nov. 26, 1968, Upton Sinclair
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Comments (3)

The Times in its obituary does not report how The Times, and Hollywood in its studio newsreels, sabotaged Sinclair's End Poverty In California campaign for governor in 1934, originally the most popular candidacy, by forecasting gloom and doom if he won---while the unemployed, underemployed, overworked and those in fear of all of the above were living in gloom and doom in the present tense.

Hey, it's '34 all over again, except no Upton Sinclair is even allowed to run, the two parties now bought and owned through funding of candidates by corporate money.

Great comment, native angeleno! Thanks!

“I want to see the same democracy in industry as I see in politcs.”

Wow... That is pretty darn ironic, huh, as we have no democracy in our democracy in 2011. All we have today is a corporate plutocracy where no dissenting voices (on the left anyway) are permitted.

Remember that it was leftists like Sinclair, who did the heavy lifting during the progressive era and through the 1930s.

Directly thanks to him, American Socialists and other progressives the US has a social safety net, social security which saved generations of the American elderly from disease, homelessness, starvation and poverty, pure food and drugs, and the right to organize. Not to mention the 40 hour work week and minimum wage.

These programs which are so vital to so many people's very survival today were not simply handed to people by nice US companies. It was fought for and won by the left, by unions and the American underclass through their tireless organizing, as well as fighting thugs, murders and police from the companies.

A side note, having nothing to do with the courageous Mr. Sinclair: In almost all other pictorial comparisons of L.A. past and present, the past pictures always looked more enticing than the present one. This is the first one I noticed where they looked equally enticing.


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