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She Blogged by Night: The Marie Prevost Project

Marie Prevost One of our favorite movie blogs at the Daily Mirror is “She Blogged by Night.”

“She” writes: Larry Harnisch, researcher and blogger at the always wonderful Los Angeles Times Daily Mirror, sent me an epic tonne of articles on Marie Prevost from the Times archives. Since that was over a year ago, he probably wondered what the hell I did with all those articles. Well, I read 'em! And now I'm going to post about a few, not just because it's interesting, but to help us all get a bit of an idea where Marie is at this point in her career.

Here’s the link
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Comments (2)

I love Marie Prevost! Brilliant actress. Though thanks to that shameless lying bastard Kenneth Anger, everyone thinks her dog ate her.

Aw, thanks Larry! I love the Mirror right back, if only because it torments me with its Mystery Guests.

Eve, I have no nice words about Kenneth Anger, either, and I think Nick Lowe shares some of the blame as well. But there's also a big market for people who just love to see dead celebrities, which is why some of the most popular websites about Marie Prevost are almost entirely focused on the "eaten by her dog" exaggeration.

If anyone is interested, there is a late-career Marie Prevost movie on TCM tonight: "Three Wise Girls" at 9:30 Eastern.


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