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Private Investigator Held in Extortion

March 31, 2011 |  1:42 am

  March 31, 1931, Comics  

  March 31, 1931, Comics  

Private investigator Charles R. Chase decided to make a little extra money by squeezing an extra $900 out of a teenager who stole $100 from the  drugstore where he worked. The police set a trap and heard Chase repeat his demand to the boy's mother while they listened in the next room.

A Senate committee wants to raise statewide speed limits: 20 mph in business districts, 25 mph in residential districts and 45 mph on highways.

Also on the jump: Road rage, 1931-style.

Lady Louis Mountbatten lunching at the Brown Derby "stood out like a sore thumb," Mollie Merrick says.

  March 31, 1931, Mollie Merrick  

  March 31, 1931, Speed Limit  

  March 31, 1931, Extortion