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Photos of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Memorial

  Photograph by Eve Golden  

Daily Mirror reader Eve Golden went to Friday’s memorial for the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire victims and sends these photos.

She says: I went to the Triangle centennial after work (photos attached). It was nice—the crowd was quiet and respectful. They had black and purple banners hanging out the ninth-floor windows, and victims’ names chalked on the sidewalk.

Thanks, Eve!

  Triangle memorial  
  Photograph by Eve Golden  

  Triangle Fire memorial  
  Photograph by Eve Golden  
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Comments (2)

I was also at the memorial. The crowd (which had numerous union participants in it) was indeed quiet - except when applauding people's speeches. What may have been missed by what you received from the Los Angeles Times contributor: the raising of the fire-truck ladder to the sixth floor (the old extent of reachability, which was as far as a FDNY ladder could reach in 1911) and subsequently to the present day reachable height (the eighth floor), the holding of "shirtwaists" in the air bearing the names of the victims, the tolling of a bell when reciting victims' names and the laying of flowers, the union-friendly signs borne by the crowd, and the pro-workers'-rights, pro-unions, and respectful-to-the-dead speeches that practically never failed to mention the fire itself or the 146 fatalities of the inferno. There was also an exhibit in the art gallery next door.

Yes, I stopped by after work, so by the time I arrived (5:00-ish), a lot of the ceremonies were over. Thanks for the additional info!

I was surprised by how close the 9th-floor windows looked; one can imagine *thinking* maybe you might survive a jump from there, they look so close to the sidewalk.


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