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Paul Coates and Matt Weinstock, March 11, 1961

March 11, 2011 |  2:01 pm

  March 11, 1961, Comics  

March 11, 1961: The unemployed man who turned in $240,000 that fell from a Brink’s armored car gets a job offer!

An overturned propane trailer causes a five-hour jam on the Hollywood Freeway, Matt Weinstock says, back when such things were still a novelty. 

Paul Coates interviews a woman whose husband was charged with abusing the couple’s young daughters after he inflicted second-degree burns by holding their hands over the flame on a gas stove. The girls’ crime? They “messed up” clothing in dresser drawers.

DEAR ABBY: Your advice to "OFF MY SCHEDULE" should have been framed. Thanks, Abby, for having a kind paper shoulder for so many to cry on. Like "OFF MY SCHEDULE" I, too, had a young neighbor who would come to my home too often and stay too long. She had two little children and there were times when she kept me from my work. I became weary of her company.

When she moved, she thanked me for my kindness in letting her come. She confessed she had been on the verge of becoming an alcoholic and when she felt she needed a drink she would come to my house instead. My only regret now is that I became weary at all.

  March 11, 1961, Mirror Cover  

  March 11, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  March 11, 1961, Coates/Abby