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Minister Accused of Trying to Rape Danish Nanny


  March 22, 1891, Fleming Case  

March 21-22, 1891: It has been far too long since I paid a visit to 1891, when The Times was a 12-page paper with offices at 1st and Broadway. The Rev. Samuel J. Fleming of South Pasadena has been accused of trying to rape the family‚Äôs Danish nanny. He has also been accused of misusing money from the Chautauqua association and the ensuing investigations reveal that the man of the cloth abandoned a previous wife and is an all-around cad! 

In the briefs: Jim Lewis has only been out of jail a few days and is already in trouble for stealing Father McDonald's hat from the cathedral!


  March 22, 1891, Briefs  

  March 21, 1891, Fleming Case  

  March 21, 1891, Fleming Case  

  March 22, 1891, Fleming Case  
  March 22, 1891, Fleming Case  

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Comments (2)

More 1891, please.

And 1931. And a little 1921.

God, those old stories are painful to read. Such hyperbole and emotion.


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