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Matt Weinstock, March 3, 1961

March 3, 2011 |  3:24 pm

  March 3, 1961, Comics  

March 3, 1961: Some 13-year-old English students turn to Matt Weinstock for help with an assignment to find “osculate” and 119 other words in print. 

DEAR ABBY: My husband doesn't respect me because I gave in to him before marriage. He said at the time it would prove I loved him, but now he calls me a tramp and says he will never trust me. I have never been unfaithful to him and never will be.

I am saving your columns for my daughter, Abby. Mothers can tell daughters things, but coming from you it means more. I want more than anything else in the world to see my daughter walk down the aisle in white.

  March 3, 1961, Matt Weinstock  

  March 3, 1961, Abby