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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, March 27, 1941

March 27, 2011 | 11:18 am

  March 27, 1941, Yugoslav Anti-Nazi Riots Spread  

  March 27, 1941, Comics  

March 27, 1941: I'm delighted to see that four speakers at a Japanese meeting here declared the Japanese people to be loyal to America. The Rev. Kengo Tajina declared that his son, though born in Japan, was "120 percent American" because this country had given him education, privileges and opportunity, Lee Shippey says.

Tom Treanor, who died covering World War II for The Times, writes about the concentration camps in Free France and the challenges that an aid group has in getting help for refugees.

"The job is all the more difficult because everybody has had just about enough of refugee and concentration camp problems. People shrink from them now. Or are we misjudging you?"

Vic Mature was robbed twice in a week in New York, losing the ruby and gold cufflinks Lana gave him, Jimmie Fidler says. 

  March 27, 1941, Lee Shippey  

  March 27, 1941, Tom Treanor  

  March 27, 1941, Jimmie Fidler