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Jim Murray, March 30, 1961

March 30, 2011 |  6:23 am

  March 30, 1961, Day in Sports  

  March 30, 1961, Jim Murray  

March 30, 1961: Jim Murray takes a look at the names for horses in harness racing and  thoroughbred racing, and throws in auto racing for good measure. 
Thoroughbred racing, I am glad to say, is a lot more careful about the name of its plugs. The Jockey Club sits in judgment on this and you have to come up with a name that has no more than 15 letters, no more than 3 words, does not duplicate the name of a famous horse of the past (a plater's name is not retired to the glue factory with him, however) and does not offend good taste.

  March 30, 1961, Jim Murray