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Jim Murray, March 28, 1961

  March 28, 1961, Lakers  

  March 28, 1961, Jim Murray  

March 28, 1961:  Here’s a lesson from the great Jim Murray in how to take down a major sports figure (Sonny Liston) with style and class:
The big point about Sonny is that he got in trouble with the law a second time while he was still on parole from prison. An armed St. Louis cop accosted him one night and Sonny not only disarmed him, he broke his leg in the process.

But, the story goes, it was the cop who asked for it, went out of his way to make trouble for Sonny and called him names. All I can say is, if you ever got a good look at Sonny Liston, you would have to conclude this cop is one of the all-time brave me.

To pick an argument with Sonny Liston on a St. Louis street corner at night with anything less than a Gatling gun is a new form of suicide. Sonny even had a friend -- and two girls -- with him. The cop is lucky he only lost a leg. In fact, I'm glad Sonny can't read this.

  March 28, 1961, Jim Murray  

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Jim Murray had such a disarmingly simple style. Until you tried to write like that and you learn that its like "tying to drink coffee with a fork..."


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