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Jim Murray, March 17, 1961

March 17, 2011 |  5:53 am

  March 17, 1961, Lyle LeBere  

  March 17, 1961, Jim Murray  

March 17, 1961: There have been a great many heroes of Irish ancestry in the world of sport. But I suppose the one who always comes to mind first is John L. Sullivan. John L., pounding on the bar with his great fist and shouting "When John L. Sullivan drinks, everybody drinks” and "I can lick any man in the house" has become part of the legend of sport, Jim Murray says.
I can’t quite make out the artist’s name on today’s drawing. It seems to be Art Brewer or Art Brewyer. Either way, when is the last time you heard anyone talk about the Long Beach Paramounts?

  March 17, 1961, Jim Murray