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Jim Murray, Feb. 21, March 7, 1961

March 7, 2011 |  4:24 am

  Feb. 21, 1961, Jim Murray  

Feb. 21, 1961: Jim Murray writes a second column about jockey Johnny Longden.  “Johnny has to be one of the super athletes of our time. Unlike golf, croquet or cribbage, riding racehorses is not normally considered an old man's game,” Murray says.

March 7, 1961: Following up on Gene Fullmer’s victory over Sugar Ray Robinson, Murray writes: “The last day was such an incredible carnival of Dixieland bands (Al Hirt's), tap dancers (Eleanor Powell), crooners (Nat Cole) and general merriment that the casual visitor might have thought Sugar Ray was in training for the Mardi Gras instead of a championship fight.”


Jim Murray on Johnny Longden 

  Feb. 21, 1961, Jim Murray  

  March 7, 1961, Jim Murray