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Confessions of a Story Editor, March 6, 1981

March 6, 2011 |  2:19 am


  March 6, 1981, Howard Rosenberg  

  March 6, 1981, Comics  

March 6, 1981:  Pulitzer Prize-winning TV columnist Howard Rosenberg talks to a story editor about lining up people for a canceled show called "That's My Line."

Z (Rosenberg's source) was one of six story editors -- two ex-Hustler magazine staffers, two Los Angeles free-lancers, a former National Enquirer writer and a dentist's wife -- whose jobs were to find people who did the wild things that could be filmed, then pitch them for the show.

"When Steve Weisberg was 9, his mother was afraid that his face might freeze into the shape of a Hudson car. Inspired, the little rubber-faced tyke progressed until now, at age 26, his living is made imitating old car grilles."

  March 6, 1981, Howard Rosenberg